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Procedure time: 3-6 hours

Duration of results: Years

Recovery Time: 3-6 Weeks

Anesthesia: General

A facelift/necklift (also known as rhytidectomy) serves to correct various aspects of the aging face - including sagging/loose skin of the face and neck and drooping of the underlying soft tissue/muscles. The surgery involves incisions that are usually well hidden in creases between the ear and face and the hairbearing areas of the scalp. There are various incisions and techniques for tightening the soft tissues underlying the skin. The techniques used depend on the patient’s anatomy and aesthetic goals. Facelifts and necklifts are often performed as one procedure to simultaneously correct both areas. After the procedure, patients are kept overnight in our facility and monitored by our nursing staff and physicians. Facelifts are often combined with other procedures to augment the results. Procedures that are usually offered with facelifts (depending on the cosmetic goals of the patients), include liposuction of the neck, laser resurfacing of the face, chemical peels for rejuvenation of the skin,upper and lower eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty), brow lift, and pretreatment with skin care to strengthen and rejuvenate your skin in preparation for your surgery. Our Beverly Hills surgery center is fully accredited and general anesthesia is performed by Board-Certified Anesthesiologists. If you are interested in having a facelift, please schedule a consultation with us. At your consultation we can discuss the aesthetic goals of your facelift/necklift procedure, and customize your surgery based on your anatomy and characteristics of your face and neck.

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